by Melissa

SuperNoVAadventures is all about a husband and wife team living in Alexandria, Virginia, not far from Washington, DC.  We blog about our home improvement projects, technology projects, travel, cooking, organization, and life in general.

We originally wanted to blog just about the technology projects in our home! Melissa always scratched her head in amazement at how Ken could have an idea (for instance, to be able to have one button that will turn off all the lights in the house when we leave), and then research it, order parts for it, typically do custom coding for it, and then have it actually work, and make our home a better and more fun place to live.

One day, when Ken was working on a project installing custom LED ribbon lights in the basement (so that we could ultimately select any custom lighting color we wanted at any time and control it from our iPhones), Melissa asked Ken, “Where do you find out about all this stuff?”

“All over the place. There’s never a single source for the things I want to do, so I just have to cobble together information from dozens of sources and then do some custom tweaking.”

Melissa said, “You should start a blog. I’m sure there are other people who want to do these same things in their home, but just are too intimidated by it.

That was it! We registered a domain and were ready to roll. But then we discovered that our blog would be a great way to chronicle other things in our life, not just technology projects.

So here we are.  We hope you enjoy our blog!  Be sure to leave a comment or send me an e-mail!